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Hose crimper

- Hose press

- Mobile hose press

- Manual hose crimper


- Gasoline hose

- Air hose

- Water hose

- PVC hose

- corrugated

Hose Fittings

- Sleeves / Collars

- Hose nipple

- Elbow banjo

- Stand Pipes

- Banjos

- Banjo bolts

- Soldering fittings 

Hot and Drinking water

- High-quality rubber (butyl basis) stainless steel wire braided, Temperature range: -30°C up to +100°C.

- Hose nipples, Flat sealing. Material: brass, nickel plated

- Screw cap / Nut, Material: brass, nickel plated

- Pipe Elbow with "screw cap / Nut" , Flat sealing. Material: brass, nickel plated

- Male thread hose nipple, Flat sealing. Material: brass, nickel plated

- Male thread nipple / Hex nipple (Material: brass, nickel plated)

- Fiber gasket / Washer

Polyamide pipe and fittings

- Polyamide pipe, Temperature range: -60°C up to +100°C, color: black. Other colors on request

- Sleeves / insert, Material: brass

- Hose nipple, Material: galvanized steel

- Screw caps / Nut, Material: galvanized steel

- Outside thread hose nipple, Material: galvanized steel

- BE-pipe-nipple, Material: galvanized steel

- Cutting ring

- Stuffing cones, material: Brass

Plug connector / Push in fittings

​- Male Stud-plug connector, Material: nickeled brass, work. Press: max. 16 bar without sleeve, releasable connector.

Working temp.-10°C up to +80°C.

- Elbow screw in plug connector, Material nickeled brass, work. Press. Max. 16 bar, without sleeve, releasable connector.
Working temp. -10°C up to +80°C

- Push in tube fittings without sleeve, Material: nickeled brass

- Elbow push in tube fittings without sleeve, Material: nickeled brass

- T connector without inner sleeve, Material: brass nickel plated

- Push in connector, Brass with inside sleeve

- Elbow Push in connector, Material: Brass with inside sleeve

- T-push in connector, Material:Brass with inside sleeve

- Plastic plug connector / Equal union ,Unequal union, Equal elbow, Equal tee


- Straights Female socket / Hex socket, Brass nickeled

- Equal 90° elbow female socket, Brass nickeled

- Equal T-Female socket, nickeled

- Y-Manifold, 3 x inside thread

- 3 -port Manifold, 4 x inside thread

- Reducers

Valves / straight studs

- ball valve, Brass nickeled, temperature range: -15°C up to +150°C, both sides inside thread inch

- Mini-ball valve, Brass chrome plated. Temperature range: -30°C up to +90°C, both sides inside thread inch

- Check valve, Material: Brass, Seal: FKM, both sides inner thread inch, working pres.: max 16 bar,
   Opening press.: 0,1 bar (G1”) bis 0,5 bar (G1/4”), Work. T°: max 180°C

- Straight stud Type

- Reducer connector

Gauges / blow guns / (air chucks - Tyre fill lever)

​- Air pressure manometer / Gauge, Plastic body, Ø 63 mm, connection G1/4“ in the bottom, vertical design, scale: bar/psi

- Air pressure manometer / Gauge, Plastic body, Ø 63 mm, connection G1/4“ at the back, horizontal design, Scale: bar/psi

- Blow gun Material: Aluminium

- Blow gun Material: PVC. With extension tube, inside thread

- Spiral hose / Suzi coil, Both side with rotating connection

- Air chuck / Tyre fill lever, Brass nickeled / French type

- Wing nut coupling / Tyre fill wing nut

- Sinter bronze silencer, To reduce the exhaust noise of pneumatic systems. Work. Press. max. 10 bar

Quick connect couplings

​-Quick connect coupling / Rectus series 21, Brass, working pressure: max. 35 bar

- Quick connect coupling / Rectus series 26, Brass, Size 7,2 mm, working pressure 0-35 bar

- Ventilator coupling / Rectus series 26, Brass, Pull jacket synthetic material. Improved safety by patented single-hand exhausting technology with 2 separate systems. The Pull jacket is made of high-tech synthetic and avoids the scratching of

other surfaces. Pressure range: 0-8 bar.

- Quick connect coupling / Rectus series 25, Brass nickeled. Sleeve steel hardened & galvanized, rugged design & high flow performance

-  Quick connect coupling / Rectus series 25, Comfortable coupling: coupling is done similar to standard couplings. During uncoupling a second security bolt, additional to the first standard bolt, can only be pulled off after the pressure has left.

Thereby it´s not only easy, but very comfortable and safe

-  Quick connect coupling / Rectus series 27, Nickel plated brass, release sleeve steel hardened and nickel plated. Operating pressure: max. 35 bar, High flow rate, robust design

Gaskets / Washers

- Dawty washers, Material: steel galvanized, NBR with and without centering help

- Copper washer, Form A and C, solid, soft annealed,

- Double copper washer

- Aluminium washer

Oil drain / cap / plug valve

-Plug valve, Male thread stud, including dust cap. Material: Brass

- coupling for plug valve, Screw cap with hose nipple. Material: Brass

- Plug valve set (Contains male thread stud valve with dust cap, drain coupling and 30 cm of hose)

- Spare cap for plug valve

- Spare washer for plugs

Water quick coupling / hose connector

- Coupler with hose nipple. Material: hot pressed brass.

- Female thread Coupler with female thread inch. Material: hot pressed brass

- Male thread coupler with male thread inch. Material: hot pressed brass

- Plug couplier. Material: hot pressed brass

- Spare washer for coupler

- Union nut hose fitting (Male and Female) Material : Brass

- Coupling with hose spout. Material: malleable iron / coupler with hose nipple

- Female and male thread coupler

Hose clamps

​- NORMA hose clamps

- NORMA clamps Type NORMA-S

- NORMA clamps Type NORMA-EXTRA, Hose clamp with 16mm band. Extra strong, extra safe. Band and housing stainless steel. Screw made of chrome-steel

- Heavy duty clamp Type MBS, Clamp cover can be opened. Band and body stainless steel AISI 430. Screw steel zinced

- Pipe clamps with rubber profile

Hose connectors

Hose connectors of polyamide - For simple, low pressure connections of hoses

- Equal union

- Elbow

- T-connectors

- Y-connectors 

- Unequal union

Hose connectors Material: galvanized steel. / Brass

Central lubrication

- High pressure hose, Material: polyamide, polyester-braided, polyurethane Temperature range: -60°C up to +100°C / short-termed +120°C

-Re-usable  Sleeves for screw / Collar -installation, Material:galvanized steel

- Female standpipe, Universal head with nut. Material: galvanized steel

- Male standpipe, Material: galvanized steel

- pipe-stud, Material: galvanized steel

- Polyamide pipe, T° range -60°C up to +100. Color: black. Other colors on request. Indicated WP at 20°C

- Tube nut / Hollow screws, Material: galvanized steel

- Stuffing cones, Material: Brass

- Straight reducers, Material: galvanized steel

- 90° Elbow reducer Material: galvanized Brass

- Male stud, Material: Brass nickeled, WP max. 65 bar, Work. T° -20°C up to +120°C

- Elbow- Male stud, Material: Brass nickeled, WP max. 65 bar, Work. T° -20°C up to +120°C

- Equal Union, Material: Brass nickeled, WP max. 65 bar, Work. T° -20°C up to +120°C

- Equal Elbow, Material: Brass nickeled, WP max. 65 bar, Work. T° -20°C up to +120°C

- Equal Tee, Material: Brass nickeled, WP max. 65 bar, Work. T° -20°C up to +120°C

Grease nipple

Grease nipple

- Straight, 45°, 90°

- Accessory for lubrication machine


​- Yokes without clevis pin

- Yokes, with clevis pin

- Clevis pins

- Clip-on clevis pins

Ball joints

- Ball joint with security clip

- Ball socket

- Ball plug

- Ball clips / securing plug

- Ball joints with PVC-liner, No maintenance required

Brake tube

- Hydraulic brake tube, Surface: plastic-coated

- Cohline / Hollow nuts, For hydraulic brakes

-Nuts, For hydraulic brakes

- Cohline adaptors for brake tube

Injection line

- Injector solder nipple

- injector nuts

drain / cap plugs

- Male Plastic threaded plugs

- Female Plastic thread caps type

- Plastic protection caps


- Hose cutter

- Spare-blades

- Tube grip tool

- Tube bender

- Hook and picking tool / set

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